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Few women in the history of hardcore porn have had the impact that legendary superstar Karen Summer continues to have on the world of adult entertainment. Starring in her maiden hardcore film during 1982, at the nubile age of 20, Ms. Summer became a household name on the tip of every fan’s tongue until her hiatus from XXX in 1993. Since that time she has experienced life to the fullest, becoming a married paralegal and a healthcare entrepreneur but she always felt a strong urge to return to the glitz and glamor of Los Angeles to pick up with her fans right where she left off – which is why Karen has created this brand new website to reconnect with everyone who adored her unique sexual style back then and a whole new wave of admirers interested in exploring the depths of her libido as a modern starlet straddling the line between the innocent MILF next door and the totally uninhibited golden girl of porn hot on the cum-back trail!


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For a more intimate look at what makes this iconic sex symbol tick, we sat down with Ms. Summer to ask some probing questions about her lurid past, sultry present and wildly exciting future plans.

In the modern era, many new girls make claims about being 'pornstars' after they sell a handful of DVDs from the debut film. What do you think about that sort of thing?

"I learned long ago not to try and figure out other people's plans or to judge what they are doing" said Karen Summer. "I always find it much more honest and productive to focus on what I'm doing, and how I can be a better performer instead. Being a pornstar is something that matters to me, in the true sense of the word. In 2015 I was inducted into the AVN Hall of Fame, which is an honor that I am very proud of, but that sort of thing comes from the media. What matters more to me is someone like my good friend Nina Hartley recalling that I was the lucky lady to be part of her very first lesbian scene in a XXX feature film. That kind of mutual respect among major performers means a lot more to me. Obviously, the thing that matters the most is the appreciation of my fans, and now with the say live webcam shows work it's easier than ever for my fans to share intimate moments with me online."

How did you get started in porn? You must have a lot of bawdy stories to tell from the golden era of XXX hardcore…

"I came in when I was 20 years old after I met casting agent Jim South. Prior to that I had done a bunch of stand-in, body-double film work for the regular movie industry," Karen explained. "I was a production assistant and a stand-in on Dukes of Hazzard, the last three years it was on. Daisy Duke had her-own stand-in, but I stood in for most of the rest of the female stars. Anyway, my girlfriend was working as a cocktail waitress at El Torito when it was on Ventura Boulevard. I went by the bar to pick her up and I see Jim South sitting with a bunch of pretty girls. He approached us and asked if I would be interested in doing some modeling. Within a week, I was naked for the first time in a hardcore film and I've loved every minute of being a celebrity since then."

"As for stories, I'm not really the kind to kiss and tell, but I will say back in the day porn was so much more personal. That's one of the things I want to make a key part of this website. People get so caught up in technology and the ways they can message each other, but it loses a lot when you start forgetting out to really connect on a personal level. My time on webcam with fans is special to me because it goes so far beyond little one line texts and becomes a much deeper virtual relationship - which is probably why my fans come back as often as they do to check in and see what's new with me or to share stories of their own."

So what can fans expect now that you're back in action?

"Honestly, I'd say expect everything!" Ms. Summers replied with a delightful smirk "It's the truth because my entire site is designed to be completely interactive. That's so important because it gives my fans an important level of control over the way this website evolves. My website isn't just me telling you what I think you should find sexy, it's more along the lines if you telling me what you want to see and me fulfilling those fantasies with custom videos, live webcam shows, personal emails, my diary and more. This time around, it's my fans that get to sit in the director's chair and choose what they want to see me doing next. I can't wait to impress you with what I can do when we put our minds to it together!"